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Why slay?

Easy. Because it works.

You know those people that walk into a room, and own it? I bet you can think of someone right now, whether it’s a friend, co-worker or even your local barista. How do they do it?

Guess what? There’s no magic trick. No gene that they have that you missed out on, no special potion they drink in the morning. In fact, everyone has it within them—including you. But embracing that confidence can be easier said than done. And that’s where my workshop comes into play!
“Consider her the queen of confidence. When Susie talks about being bold, people listen. I loved sharing her advice on stirring up courage with readers of my stories at Family Circle.”
Lynya Floyd
Former Health Director at Family Circle Magazine

Slay with Self Confidence

is a step by step guide to unlocking your inner badass and getting more of what you want, when you want it.

A bottomless brunch, a new t-shirt. But how about instead of bottomless beverages, bottomless confidence?

And not just once. But from now on.

That’s right – no expiry date. Self-confidence is the key to success in every aspect of your life, and luckily for you I’ve condensed my experience in gaining confidence into a short, succinct, to the point, no-messing-around workshop.

The best part? Once you apply these secrets, the results are instant. Not only are they instant – they are applicable everywhere you go. In fact, you’ll be shocked to see all the opportunities you can take advantage of using your new found confidence!

It could be the difference between getting that promotion at work, or staying in your current rut. The difference between asking out the gorgeous stranger at the bar, or wondering what could have been. Or even (my favorite use) the confidence to say no when you’ve just got too much on your plate. It’s the confidence to put yourself first, and make the most of every day. Because when you have confidence, you have control.

You’re running your life, life isn’t running you.
“Having a sense of meaning and purpose is key to a thriving life. Susie Moore not only helps you discover your own purpose, but offers a practical guide to making it the driving force in your life and work.”
Arianna Huffington
Founder of Thrive Global and Huffington Post

For example – say you’re applying for a new job. Again

You’ve been job hunting for months and it just isn’t happening. Embracing the skills you learn in my course will turn you from a job-hunter, to someone on the fast track to career success. Why? Because all of the sudden, you’re going into interviews with the self-assuredness that winning candidates possess. And you’ll have the confidence to ask for more money, because you know your worth.
Here’s something the most confident among us know.
Most people let opportunities slip by, and they think it’s nothing.
A prime example
You’re about to get a dreaded red eye flight. You’ve always thought about asking for an upgrade, but never actually done it. With these tips and tricks you’ll gain access to (for forever, btw), you will have the confidence to ask for that sweet upgraded seat. Before you know it, boom – a good night’s sleep, extra legroom and who knows – maybe even a new cool connection beside you!
Once you know these tricks, you’ll be astounded at how many opportunities you’ll have to use them.
“There’s NO person better to show you how to become confident than Susie. She’s the real deal. No matter your background or beliefs or how low your self esteem, if you’re willing to trust her, she’ll show you just how self-assured and authentically yourself you can really be.”
Ruth Soukup
NYT Bestselling Author, Founder of Living Well, Spending Less

Ever felt overwhelmed?

Whether it’s from work, relatives or your friends, self-confidence is key to not just putting yourself out there, but also saying no. Confidence means you know your boundaries and you’re willing to enforce them. So whether it’s saying no to staying back late at work (you know it can wait until tomorrow), turning down that pushy friend and applying healthy boundaries with your clients, having the confidence to take control of your time means more time for self-care, more time for a side hustle, or even just catching up on the latest HBO series.
Whatever it is (I ain’t judgin’!), it doesn’t matter. More time for you means more living your best life.
Besides, more self-confidence is actually good for the world. You’re not just transforming mentally, but physically as well. More confidence = less stress, because you’re actively working towards what you want. Less stress = better sleep and less stress eating! It all connects, my friend. Mental health and physical health are intertwined, which is a key reason why confidence is vital to making the most every opportunity. And a happier you impacts every single corner of the piece of the world that you touch.

If you’re not ready to come on this journey with me yet, that is ok! It can be difficult to know where to start when you know you aren’t fulfilling your potential. But I have to say—this is a low risk / tremendous gain deal. Once you know these secrets, they will be with you for life. No joke.
Slay with Self Confidence has been specially designed to get to the point ASAP. These aren’t theories or abstracts. In this course are practical tips that you can apply instantly.
So what are you waiting for? A sign? Here it is. You’ll gain access to my specially curated course detailing exactly what you need to do and how to up your confidence, pronto.

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“Most people who give advice on this topic turn out to be broken inside. Meanwhile, Susie is the living embodiment of confidence, and the only person I’ll listen to about it. Susie’s the ultimate person to teach this. She’s shown me that confidence isn’t innate; it’s a choice. Better yet, an easy one.”
Laura Belgray
Award-winning copywriter

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“Susie Moore has a truly special gift of making you feel like you can do absolutely ANYTHING your heart desires— and actually showing you how to achieve it.”
Farnoosh Torabi
America’s leading personal finance expert, Oprah magazine's finance columnist

I’m Susie Moore

Confidence Coach and Author, and there’s one thing I know for sure. Confidence is learned. I know this from life experience.

When I was a kid, we had very little money...

This didn’t seem like a problem to me until I went to my friends’ homes and saw that they had actual houses (we lived in apartments and sometimes shared housing). The kids all had their own bedrooms and a nice dining room table—some even had big gardens.

As a kid, I liked what I had until I got older and saw that people with bigger houses and more money were considered better and more important. Then I realized this made me feel like I’m less than other people. I had less, so naturally, I felt like a lesser human.

Of course this damaged my self-esteem. If I’d had no clue or paid less attention (hard but not impossible), my confidence in who I was and what I had would have stayed nicely intact. So as a kid I would try to compete for first place in ways I could control—because I was not gonna have the biggest garden any time soon. I was top of the class. I did my best to be funny and popular and always in a good mood. These things “worked.” And they still work, to some degree.

But when I’m motivated by an external limiting belief that I’m not enough, that leads me to believe I have to perform, whereas if I follow my natural human desire to feel good and authentic, I get a different result.

Whatever highs or achievements I experience don’t last when it’s coming from external prompts.

Doing me feels different. It allows me to be in a receptive mode—not just hustlin’ all day to impress my ex-husband's new wife’s sister’s neighbor.

Doing you means feeling inspired, acting on internal instinct, and moving forward in your decision-making from a place of alignment and joy (not desperation, fear, and the old compare-and-despair mentality).

Comparing and looking for validation outside yourself is a recipe for feeling baaaad about yourself. The root of real confidence is knowing who you are and being OK with yourself just as you are.

If you want to self-assured and confident person, exactly as you are without changing a thing— this is for you!

By the end of my mini-course, you’ll:

Understand what’s holding you back — it’s the key to releasing it!
Get in on the secret the most self-assured people know for sure
Adopt the habits the most confident people rock
Become more charismatic — just like that! *snaps fingers*
Stop waiting and start living — your time on planet earth is limited my friend
If you’re reading this right now, then you might be wondering if Susie really is as funny, insightful, and positive as she appears online. And the truth is? She’s even better. Susie is the rare type of human who transforms every room she walks into; her confidence and exuberance are palpable. But Susie doesn’t stop at being the life of any party — she’s also an incredible life coach who has effortlessly guided me through challenging life experiences. She always seems to know the most loving, wise, and empowering thing to say to help me move past any personal issue. There’s no way you won’t feel more confident and joyful just by being in her presence. I literally can’t think of a single better person to teach people about confidence than Susie Moore. Don’t hesitate to learn from her — it will change your life for the better.
Melyssa Griffin
Entrepreneur, Host of Limitless life

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